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Fujikura MC Putter Shaft

Fujikura MC Putter Shaft

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Introducing the new MC PUTTER shaft line. Clubfitters can now fine tune the performance and feel of one of the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag, the putter. This 2nd generation putter shaft line features a true multi-material construction, combining Fujikura’s RCT (Rubber Composite Technology) and MCT (Metal Composite Technology) proprietary technologies to provide you with ultimate feel and response while providing stability throughout the stroke.

Fujikura knows that one size does not fit all. They make a wide range of shafts to fit any golfer and believe that custom fit shafts are the key to unlocking performance for golfers of any level. Like their wood shafts, MC Putter shafts are available in three unique models varying in flex so fitters can find the perfect fit got the discerning golfer looking for every advantage on the greens.

Each of the three graphite putter shaft models are 115 grams and feature MCT and RCT technologies for improved stability and softer feel due to vibration dampening over traditional steel. RCT in these shafts makes any putter feel and sound like it has an insert for softer feel at contact.

Smooth: softer than traditional putter shafts but with ultra-low torque to maintain stability throughout the stroke and off-center strikes. Think of it as a “R” or “regular” flex shaft (if traditional steel is “stiff”) which is geared more towards players with longer strokes or who want to feel the putter head more during the stroke. Player feedback: Effortless feel.”

Firm: this model is closest to traditional steel in flex, but with much lower torque for stability. This is for the golfer seeking improved consistency and better, softer feel than steel. The firm model would be closest to your traditional “Stiff” flex like a steel shaft would be. Player feedback: “Familiar to steel but softer ball contact feel.”

X-Firm: The stiffest putter shaft on the market by far! This would be the “TX” or “Tour X-Stiff” wood shaft version. This is designed for players seeking zero shaft flex in their stroke, geared towards golfers with quicker tempo putting strokes, such as a “pop” stroke. The X-Firm is the ultimate in stability. Player feedback: “I feel everything the head is doing.”


Currently only compatible with “plumbers neck” style putters.
.355 hosels – Shaft can be applied directly into the neck of the putter
.370 hosels – Trim tip end of shaft .7″ to fit

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