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Fujikura Golf

Fujikura Ventus TR Blue

Fujikura Ventus TR Blue

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Ventus Blue
Adapter Brand

Born from the continuous quest for improvement and backed by enso®-driven analytics and Tour feedback, the VENTUS TR line compliments and builds upon one of the most trusted and best-selling wood shafts in Fujikura history. Welcome to the next level of VENTUS performance.


Ongoing enso® analytics show that the shaft undergoes tremendous stress in the mid/handle section during the transition and downswing.  By incorporating an incredibly strong and ultra-lightweight Spread Tow carbon fabric, VENTUS TR is able to increase torsional stiffness in this specific section, helping to even further reduce twist and ovalization during the swing.


With VeloCore Technology providing an incredibly stable platform for performance, the additional integration of a unique Spread Tow carbon fabric works in unison to create advanced overall stability without compromising player feel.


A powerful combination of stability and feel, TR Blue maintains an ultra-stiff tip section for superior control at impact. Increased torsional stiffness creates a profile with enhanced load capabilities for more aggressive swings while maintaining a smooth overall feel.

All shafts come with your choice of Tip, playing length and free grip. If you would like the shaft to play to a certain length other than standard, please leave request in notes.

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