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Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Vanquish

Mitsubishi Vanquish

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VANQUISH is a super-premium lightweight shaft created with direct input from top players on the LPGA Tour. Inspired by high-performance fly fishing rods, VANQUISH utilizes a super stable handle with an incredibly active tip section to produce massive acceleration of the club head. VANQUISH has a technological platform of six core tenets that work in harmony to produce faster ball speeds and tighter dispersion.

Key Features Include:
- Amorphous Wire Technology for activity
- Super Low Resin Content Prepreg for best possible feel
- High modulus, exotic 46 and 40 ton carbon fibers for maximum strength
- Uniquely fortified tip section for tip stability
- Consistent Feel Design for seamless fitting experience
- Precision Crafted Design for tightest industry tolerances in shaft weight and frequency
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